Purebred Yellow Lab Pointer Stud Dog for Breeding

Located in Camdenton, Missouri, at beautiful Lake of the Ozarks



Meet our yellow pointing lab, Harley! 

Harley Dog is a male purebred yellow Labrador pointer retriever. He has the Yellow gene factor; his mother and father were both yellow. So if you’re looking for a yellow lab sire, Harley fits the bill. Born in 2016, Harley is now two years old with an APLA Certified Pointing Retriever Title. He also has an APLA Certified Pointing Retriever Advanced Title and an AKC Junior Title. His hips, eyes, and joints are certified and he has been DNA tested. He is a handsome and muscular specimen whom we are ready to stud out for approved dams.


Harley’s pedigree features some of the best lines you’ll find in the United States. And those bloodlines show themselves in his muscular stature and the strong blocky features of both his father, CPR King David’s Mighty Benaiah, and his grandfather, four-time GMPR (Grand Master Champion Pointing Retriever) Cashman’s Super Trooper. He has all the personality, athletic ability, and the drive you want and expect in a world-class champion Pointing Labrador bloodline.  Bred for upland game pointing, he carries the true Labrador look and he has a naturally strong and beautiful point.  (Click here to see Harley’s official Papers and Certifications.)


Harley is just the kind of dog you will want to sire a litter for you.  He possesses the best traits you want in both a gun dog and a family dog. When it’s time to breed your dam, we hope you will consider Harley. He is very friendly and loves people. He is calm and gentle, great with children, and he is very congenial around other pets. Harley has a willing obedience combined with strong loyalty and a natural desire to do and to please, which makes him easy to train. Being extremely intelligent, he also trains very adeptly, making him sharp to execute his work as a top class pointer and retriever. Energetic with high desire, he is a pleasure to watch and work with. 

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If you’re looking to breed your dam for Pointing Labrador puppies, then you will want to know what the sire is like as hunter. Does he have good hunting and pointing instincts in his nature and genetic makeup? 

When it’s time to hunt, Harley hunts hard!  He absolutely loves finding, pointing and retrieving all kinds of birds, so he hunts eagerly and energetically at full throttle. So when it’s time, he’s on! And one of the things that makes him such a good dog to hunt with is that he hunts for you, not for himself. It’s easy to see his eagerness to please when he hunts. He stays with his hunter and he won’t run off on tangents following his own curiosity. So he is efficient and highly effective in finding birds. In other words, if a bird sits Harley will find it and point it. And he is rock solid and steady on point.

Harley is quite intelligent and he understands hand signals (left, right and back) as well as verbal signals in the field and follows them just as a good bird dog should. He is a very fast swimmer, going readily and quickly into the water. He will stay in the water when he should, and gets out as he is directed. He also works well in the water with hand signals for guidance on finding “blind” birds (those he didn’t see go down).

Harley sits and stays very well which helps make him an excellent “marker.” He has extraordinary marking ability as he watches and easily sees at least three birds, marks where they went down, and then retrieves them all. We haven’t ever tried to see if he would mark even more birds, since the likelihood of ever needing him to do that is extremely slim. He has a strong, natural point, holds his point beautifully, and will not flush early as some dogs do.

In addition, Harley will enthusiastically travel long distances to retrieve birds. We’ve had him go as far as 500 yards without hesitation, yet he found the bird handily, and retrieved it quickly and happily. He is an excellent upland fowl and duck dog who will point and retrieve all upland game birds as well as ducks. Harley will even retrieve the heaviest birds, such as geese and snow geese.

So when it comes to pointing, retrieving, training, and natural ability, Harley is as good as it gets. He is everything you could want in a Pointing Labrador stud.

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Pointing lab training for waterfowl or upland game is important for a stud sire. You want to know how they take to their training in order to see what’s in their genetic heritage.  Harley was already instinctively pointing without training when he was quite young and was by nature an exceptional learner even before he was formally trained. Still, Harley received professional training at K & L Kennels in Higginsville, Missouri.  He was trained and handled the old fashioned way, with time and hard work. And he responded extremely well to training.
K and L Kennels operates on a 200-acre Century Farm located south of Higginsville Mo. The property has been owned by the Koenig family since the mid-1800’s. The entire property is managed for upland habitat, so it is the perfect place to expose young dogs like Harley to cover and upland game. The property has 8 ponds, and the newest one is a 3-acre technical pond designed to teach the basic concepts of water work to clients’ dogs.
Harley was trained by both John Koenig and Mike Lettau at K&L.  John force-broke him to retrieve, while Mike gave Harley his upland game waterfowl training. Both men are tops at their jobs. At K&L Harley received Gun Dog Training, Bird Dog Training, and Waterfowl training.  View some of Harley’s lab pointer training videos here.


About Pointing Labs

Those who are familiar with the Pointing Labrador Retriever know that the Pointing Lab is a special breed of Labrador, with a trait that is accomplished only through genetic breeding. The current line of Pointer Labs has been drawing from the best gene pool and is being refined with each generation. 
The following excerpt is from PetGuide.com“The Lab Pointer brings together two mild-mannered dog breeds; the Labrador Retriever and Pointer to produce an intelligent, energetic dog that is the perfect addition to the active family with kids and pets or even a first-time pet owner who is new to living with a pooch.  He interacts well with other dogs and pets and his sweet nature and love of play make him a terrific running or jogging companion. The Lab Pointer is a hybrid of Labrador Retriever and Pointer.” (Read the entire article here.)
Most Pointing Labs are a smaller breed, typically weighing in somewhere between 35 and 50 lbs. Our Harley Dog is powerfully built and weighs 70 lbs, which allows him to be very strong for swimming and for retrieving the largest birds, yet he is still small enough that he is good for hunting from a boat, or even lifting over a fence when necessary.
One of the best aspects of owning a Lab Pointer is that they are not just a single use dog.  They are actually a two-purpose hunting dog; they are both a retriever and a pointer, which is extremely practical and useful for all upland bird hunting.
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